About us

In the late 1980’s  the Srilankans living in Denmark wanted to find away to have contact with other Srilankans living in Denmark, and to  keep up the Srilankan cultural activities, traditional celebrations, contacts etc.  So in 1989 a few got together and formed an association, The Srilankan – Danish Friendship Association named SRILANKA MITHUHAMUWA.  The first meeting was held on the 12th of March 1989 in Copenhagen. Many Srilankans living in Denmark showed up, and everybody wanted to support this friendly association, to develop the culture and to get to know each other.  First they elected a Working Committee. The very first committee members were,

              1.     Mr.    Chandra Abeynayake

              2.     Mr.     Peter Bendtsen

              3.     Mrs.   Krishanthi Martinstain

              4.     Mrs.   Doreen Kristersen

              5.     Mr.     Kumaradasa Koralage

              6.     Mrs.   P.Y.E. Sriyani

              7.     Miss.  Ramya Vithanage

              8.     Mr.     Gamini Kannangara

              9.     Mr.     Susantha Fernando

The Srilanka  Mithuhamuwa’s first big celebration was the traditional Srilankan Sinhala and Tamil NEW YEAR. It was celebrated in the traditional way in April 1989 at Amager School in Copenhagen, and it was a great success. Many more joined, and wanted Srilanka Mithuhamuwa to continue, so instead of a working committee everybody decided to form a regular association with a constitution. The first elected committee was appointed on the 29th of October 1989,

            1.     Mr.   Chandra Abeynayake                   –  President

            2.     Miss. Ramya Vithanage                        –  Secretary

            3.     Mrs.  Nayana Mikelsen                         –  Treasurer

            4.     Mrs.   Krishanthi Martinstain            – Committee member

            5.     Mr.    Kumaradasa Koralage              –  Committee member

And the same year 1989 Srilanka Mithuhamuwa celebrated the traditional Danish – Srilankan Christmas celebration.

Now 25 years have passed, Srilanka Mithuhamuwa , The Srilankan – Danish Friendship Association still continues very stable and is going to celebrate their 25th Silver Anniversary this year 2014 , and this year 2014 the committee is run by,

        1.      Mrs.   Kusum Thomson                       –    President                           (kusum  thomsen23@gmail.com)

        2.      Mr.     Laxman Tissera                         –   Secretary                            (lalithtissera@yahoo.dk)

        3.      Mrs.   Ranmali Munindradasa         –   Treasurer                           (ranmalim@yahoo.dk)

        4.      Mrs.   Roshanie Andersen                 –  Committee member        (roshanie.andersen@zacco.com)

        5.      Mr.     Ranjith Wawlagala                   –  Committee member        (nandika@vip.cybercity)


By performing social well fare activities, it was possible for us to assist the Sri Lankan people and those who have been disabled due to the on going wars during the past, by providing necessary infra structural facilities with proper planning, and to provide library facilities to schools in most rural villages, and also helped to build a home for the aged after the tsunami.

Language is a mirror of any culture, and to maintain once dignity of a nation is a main object. Accordingly, we have done our best by teaching our mother language to the children living in Denmark and have published a magazine called “Sandakadapahana”, where it was possible for those children to expose their skills.

The Sri Lankan – Danish Friendship Association in Denmark is a huge tree, and this paves us to expand and develop our friendship. It is a tree that gives shade to every one needing the same, and our hope is the same.





Constitution of The Sri Lankan – Danish Friendship Association (Sri Lanka Mithuhamuwa)


  1. To promote closer contact and co-operation among Sri Lankans living in Denmark, and represent matters affecting their mutual rights and general welfare.(non political & religious)
  2. To organize and assist events neutrally fostering social and cultural activities of Sri Lanka.
  3. To work towards promoting cultural links between Sri Lanka and Denmark.
  4. To engage in activities with other organizations having similar objectives.


Membership: Membership of the Association is open to Sri Lankans and anyone who wishes to be a member.
 Office Bearers: The Association will have a working committee of 5 members with a President, a secretary, a treasurer, and 2 additional committee members, duly elected for a period of 1 year.
General Meetings:
  1. An Ordinary General Meeting of the Association will be held at least once in 3 months.
  2. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of January or February every year.
  3. An extraordinary General Meeting can be held at the request of at least one forth of the members.
  4. A quorum of at least half of the members are required for a General Meeting.
  5. In the cause of a “couple” holding membership of the Association, and if only one party is present at a General Meeting, he/she can vote on behalf of the other by proxy.
Subscriptions: An annual membership fee of DKK 50/- for a single person.


Amendments to the Constitution:  Amendments to the Constitution can be possible at aGeneral Meeting with the consent of a 2/3 majority.